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Fabric: Both Kurt and Pant 100% Cotton

Suit Set Description

The on-trend cotton suit set with a comfortable fit and a relaxed silhouette features a Kurta and a straight Pant. The striking blue color of the Kurta has a chic geometric print. The print on the off-white Pant perfectly complements the Kurta to create a slightly western look. 


  • We leave some margin on every piece of clothing we make. It can easily be altered to a size smaller or a size larger.

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About our "Memories of Summer" Collection

Summer is a treasure trove filled with memories. Wholehearted laughter and good times with friends. Beautiful blooming flowers in the patio and the dancing butterflies. Comfortable and light dresses to stroll around in the magical garden. The Cuckoo's songs in the backyard and the colorful farmyards.The loved mangoes and the shade of the mango trees. The glimpses of the Sun through its branches.  The evening wisp of breeze and a walk by the flowing stream. The light summer rain, paper boats, and so much more. 

Summer is an integral part of our childhood and a part of who we are. We still cling onto and cherish the childhood memories of summer from time to time. Inspired by the soulful, uplifting, and beautiful stories spun into this season, we have curated the "Memories of Summer" Collection. The collection features comfortable, breathable, and light Cotton and Mul fabrics with prints and colors that are an ode to all-things-summer. 

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