"Essence" refers to the 'Soul' of our clothing, 'Spirit' of the weavers, and the 'Quintessence' of our designs. "Ethos" stands for our 'Custom' of curating hand-crafted products with traditional and modern means. The fabrics we procure from artisans through our travels reflect our love for Indian heritage, culture, artwork, and crafts. We constantly source our inspiration from nature to transform these fabrics from our treasured travel trunk into beautiful designs.

Essence and Ethos started with a vision to create a clothing line that cares deeply about careful consumption and value-centered business practice. We focus our process on reducing waste, providing products that are long-lasting, time-tested, classically tailored, and well-designed. We believe in building respect for people and relationships and giving a strong human presence in the work and service we share.

In the world of diverse fashion, we want to remain steadfast in our adoration for the fashion industry and all its wonders while hinging our gears to mindful self and business development. With that, we set our sights on developing human connection meaningfully through the avenue we've set our hearts on: Essence & Ethos. 

The entire process of creating hand-crafted products for you has been exhilarating. We hope our products bring you as much joy and delight as they do to us.