It is high time we take a step back from fast fashion. If you as a consumer and as a responsible individual can’t think of any reason strong enough to move away from fast fashion, then it’s time we give you some reasons.


1) Cheap Prices & High Volume

There are abundant fast fashion brands right now in the Indian market which adhere to a business model that allows them to grow exponentially by undertaking monstrous volume production of clothing and by encouraging customers to pay cheap prices for the clothes they make.


2) Speed is the Ultimate Goal

These fast fashion brands intend to bring as many new pieces as possible to their retail store (irrespective of it being online or offline) almost every other week to attract traffic. To keep up with the speed, the environment, and the workers sewing your clothes are suffering.


3) Low Quality of Clothing

If you ever wondered how a particular fast-fashion retailer’s quality of clothing is deterring, you need to thank the competition in the apparel industry. The cut-throat competition has put immense pressure on them to produce clothes at a cheap rate. But how are they willing to sell at such cheap prices? Well, one reason is the low quality of fabrics which allows them to pay the low cost.


4) Somewhere someone is Paying

Cheap fashion comes with a cost. If you think you are paying a cheap price for a piece of clothing in a fast fashion retail store, then remember someone somewhere else is paying a high cost for it. The bearer of this high cost isn’t only the environment but also the low-paid workers.

The workers in third world countries are paying an unimaginable cost for the clothes that you wear. They are exploited by being paid below the minimum wage rate and are made to work relentlessly in dangerous and unsafe conditions.


5) Change the way You Think

Ever wondered how a fast fashion brand like Forever 21 makes your clothes? It’s by underpaying the workers who sew your clothes sitting in third world countries in unsafe working conditions. This ensures that the prices they offer to the customers are relatively low. Ellen Ruppel Shell, an author, gave a tip on one of the fashion websites on how you can avoid buying cheap pieces of clothing. For instance, she states that “If the two sides of the seam appear to come apart relatively easily, the thread starts to come undone, or you feel that with a little bit more energy you could rip the item in half, it’s not made well and won’t hold up for long.”


If we intend to buy something of good quality, we should be ready to pay a higher price for it. If you wish to buy something at excessively low rates, then be ready to get a low quality as well. So that we as consumers aren’t being a threat to our planet nor our people. Why would you as a consumer buy something at a price where the piece of clothing is falling apart.      


Time to give it a thought: Win or Lose

For the fast fashion brands, it’s a win, win, win. It’s the people like you and me, the environment and the workers that are losing. As responsible individuals let’s not distort our senses. Even though we may be inclined to pay a lower price for something, let’s not forget we are likely to compromise on quality, the planet, and the people. Next time you buy something, choose it wisely. 

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